Elmer Andersson: “Wanna Fly”

By: Fay Rose
August 21, 2021

Singer-songwriter Elmer Andersson just released a new track, “Wanna Fly.” This pop love song delivers on heartfelt sentiments coasting alongside an upbeat tempo.

The adult contemporary melody has a fine assortment of smooth rhythms and diverse vibrations. The easygoing chorus is especially likable with cool lyrics like these – “Cause I wanna fly. One Look at you and I light up. Feels like you’re pouring down. Love dries in my coffee cup.” Any song that mentions coffee is an automatic winner in my book! Halfway through the tune, you’ll find yourself swaying your head to the jazzy beat that accompanies these fine lyrics.

The 22-year-old from Sweden contributes ear-pleasing pop vocals delivered with a mellow, soulfulness that makes the song sail along effortlessly. “Wanna Fly” is available to stream now for your listening pleasure.

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