Ellie Strong: “Tired”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
March 4, 2022

Ellie Strong is expressing her frustrations with her latest single, “Tired.” 

The subject matter is not exactly what one would expect with that title.  Strong wrote the song about her struggles with social media.  She shares her internal battle with her internet identity.  The lyrics communicate the emotions behind posts.  By sharing a personal story, it leaves a person vulnerable and open to ridicule.  

With lines like “my highlight reel is real good at hiding all the battles I’ve been fighting,” the song is relatable to anyone that has ever been on social media.  Her soulful vocals enhance the emotion and honesty of the country track. Not only is “Tired” the title of the song, but also the manner in which she released it.  She explained in a Facebook post that she was “so TIRED” that she accidentally distributed the song earlier than she intended

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