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Elle Baez: “Stereotype”

By: Fay Rose
September 19, 2021

If you’ve ever felt bad about your body or beat yourself up for not fitting the image everyone expects, then Elle Baez’s empowering new single, “Stereotype,” is exactly what you need to hear. The song delivers a powerful message on body positivity while keeping a playful tone.

New York-based singer-songwriter Elle Baez is proud of her curves and isn’t afraid to sing about it unapologetically. In “Stereotype,” Baez exudes an attitude of confidence with each honest lyric being sung like an inspiring anthem. Her vocals are powerful and attention-grabbing with a tone similar to Christina Aguilera in sections. The upbeat electro-pop melody keeps the mood fun and fabulous. The use of a vocoder at the very end was an unexpectedly cool finale.

Baez is a wonderful role-model for young women everywhere by being a true example of her personal philosophy – Be curvy, be sexy, and above all, be confident. “Stereotype” should be an automatic addition to everyone’s playlist.

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