Ella McCready: “Fine On My Own”

May 31, 2021 | Writer: Eric Reyes

There’s a point where we all must take a big leap out into the wide, wild world. For lifelong songstress Ella McCready, it was less a leap than a short, determined step forward. Having been a performer from the age of 14, her knowledge and ability are on clear display in her latest release, β€˜Fine On My Own.’

The instrumental composition of it is complex and gives it this anticipatory feel. Everything feels as though its suspended in waiting, until the beat drops. The beat is aggressive, borrowing from the basic stock of Pop and melding in some Dance/Club influences as well. While we open a bit tame, with just the piano, vocals, and a slight undercurrent of a rising tone, it builds into this bold and brassy fever pitch.

Ella McCready’s voice is powerful and full of color. There’s nothing understated or subtle about her performance. There’s a firm, warm nature to her tone, and her range is broad. She’s easily able to climb up and down the scale as needed, keeping the pace and energy high.

The lyrics are a strong draw as well. Someone who’s had enough, who’s put up with as much as they’ll take, and who knows they have what it takes, and more, to make it. It touches on a relationship that is abusive, emotionally and physically, and it doesn’t parse words, trying to hide the harsher realities of a relationship like this behind flowery words and sighs. No. She’s had enough, and she’s going to let us all know just how its going to be from here on out. The power and energy of this track belies the darker context of the track’s narrative, but it doesn’t dwell.

No more excuses. No more BS.

You’ll be just fine on your own.