Ella Henderson: “Young”

By: James Brookes
October 29, 2019

The new pop track from Ella Henderson will have you feeling, “Young” by the end of it. Check it out below!

It’s hard to find a track with a vocal performance so raw and beautiful; Ella Henderson has got it down to an art though! On her new single, “Young” we find ourselves smiling in the light of her positivity. With vocals that compare to those of Sia’s, you’re in for a treat, Gas Maskers! The minimalistic pop production and hooky melodies were the perfect choice of soundscape artistry on this track. We love it! Watch the official visualizer video below!

We know, you can’t get enough of “Young,” right? Tell us your favorite moments on the gram or twitter: @gasmaskmagazine. Until next time, keep rocking out, Gas Maskers!