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Elizabeth Cuite: “Dreamscape”

By: Tiare Pito
November 20, 2021

Elizabeth Cuite’s new single has mesmerised us all. Sweeping us away into her very own fantasy world, it is THE song to listen to when you need a little break from reality.

More art than mere song, ‘Dreamscape’ is not your conventional tune. It paints a picture of Cuite’s dreamscape, where her imagination rules all. The ethereal language used evokes a sense of longing as listeners naturally begin to think of their own dreamscapes while listening. 

‘Dreamscape’ is delivered to us with Cuite’s smooth and airy vocals. Combined with the dreamy sound production, it all works to create an empowering, beautiful listening experience. It captures the heart and warms the soul.

We are absolutely sure that you will love ‘Dreamscape’ just as much as we do. We cannot wait to see more from Elizabeth Cuite!

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