Eli Gauden: “Another Day”

By: Lila Davis
April 30, 2019

We got a first-listen to Eli Gauden’s newest song and are completely floored. Keep reading so we can tell you all about “Another Day.”

Norwegian songstress Eli Gauden has a new track titled “Another Day,” and we were able to snag an listen before it was released on April 30th. We don’t want to spoil the fun too much for you, but we will say that “Another Day” is the textbook definition of a perfect song. Gauden’s masterpiece is unmatched in execution from concept to production. This track features gorgeous sun-soaked, romantic melodies, heartbreaking but hopeful lyrics and a voice that could sing the phonebook and we would be okay with it. “Another Day” will surely take your breath away and we cannot wait for you to hear it on April 30th.

“Another Day” is now available, so head to social media and let us know what you think @GasMaskMagazine – all the meanwhile, stay tuned for more the best music around here on Gas Mask!