Elaine Kristal: “Sweet Escape”

By: Tiare Pito
July 20, 2022

Elaine Kristal has just released a new single and it is as delicious as the name suggests. “Sweet Escape” is a powerful anthem of finding your happy place in this chaotic world. If you are feeling overwhelmed, then you NEED to give this song a listen to!

Written with emotion and sincerity, “Sweet Escape” is evocative in nature, painting pictures of temporarily getting away from a life of monotony, and finding beauty and calm in yourself. The idea behind ‘Sweet Escape’ is one that connects with most, and the universality of this desire to get away, this longing for more makes it incredibly versatile in who it appeals to. It speaks to everyone that takes the time to simply listen. 

Kristal delivers “Sweet Escape” to us with alluring, open vocals that are incredibly smooth and easy on the ears. The chilled out Rnb beats and instrumentals provide a very addictive listening experience that leave one wanting more. All audio aspects are executed with the perfect balance of professionalism and emotion to create a true work of art. 

We absolutely love what Elaine Kristal has done with “Sweet Escape,” and are sure that you will too! Keep an eye on this talented artist, for she’s taking the music world by storm!

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