El West: “Where the Lights Go”

By: Blair Cache
May 10, 2019

Need a new favorite song? El West has got you covered. Keep reading to see what we thought of “Where The Lights Go.”

Phoenix based rockers El West are a feature on our Gas Mask Favorites Playlist this week and as soon as you click play, you’ll see why. Their newest track “Where the Lights Go” is aggressive, progressive, and intimate sound that creates an ambitious earworm for all music lovers. Masterfully crafted and delicately layered, the rhythmic drums and building guitars will have you on the edge of your seat. “Where the Lights Go” is truly energy personified in a song, and LOTS of it. We love everything about this tune, from the way it sounds to the way it makes us feel; this is truly a track to appreciate from the inside out. We are already hungry for more from this amazing band!

Listen to “Where the Lights Go” below, and drop us a line on social media today: @gasmaskmagazine.