EJO ft. Elise Chantelle: “Dale”

By: Emma Kopelowicz
June 07, 2020

Miami-based rapper and producer EJO and Cuban-American singer-songwriter Elise Chantelle want to whisk you away on a tropical getaway on their new track, “Dale.”

Pronounced “dah-lay,” this Spanish phrase is one of those expressions with a fluid definition that varies among countries. In the case of this track, it best translates to “go ahead.” EJO and Chantelle each embody the personas of fictional lovers who throw sweet and sexy compliments back and forth at each other. In every verse, each encourages the other to keep doing what they’re doing because they appreciate their style and their “aura.” You can practically feel the love in the air as these two describe what makes the other so cool with such precise detail.

The two artists also use this song as an opportunity to give a shout out to their city: “MIA yeah you know that’s where we roam around/Drop top now we cruising to the summer sound.” EJO actually grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin but moved to Miami later in his life to pursue a career in music. He also did a bit of traveling around Spain, and his wanderlust definitely shines through his Latin-inspired beats and guitar work.

On “Dale” EJO’s chill rap flow and Chantelle’s airy R&B vocals complement each other so well. These two have undeniable vocal chemistry and you can feel the heat palpitating off every note they sing. We definitely recommend giving this silky-smooth track a listen if you’re in the mood for romance!

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