Eighty Ninety: “Dream”

By: Sydney Cooper
June 17, 2018

Eighty Ninety is going to have you dreaming in all sorts of electric colors. Brace yourself, Gas Maskers!

New York based alt pop brothers Eighty Ninety is always a sure fire choice for jam selects. This week, their track “Dream” fits the bill for your new go-to summer sound. This electro pop track has a crazy cool blend of sounds making it an eclectic microcosm of a track that will keep you coming back for more. Featuring everything under the sun from dance grooves, smooth guitars and country inspired rhythms, “Dream” promises something for all music lovers of all genres. We love the electricity and the overall vibe of this piece. It has quickly stamped itself as an office favorite and we impatiently await more music from the duo soon! Stream their latest below, or purchase it on iTunes today!

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