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Edwin Klift ft. Nanna: “Northern Lights”

By: Sydney Cooper
June 8, 2018

Edwin Klift and Nanna are back to take you to new heights! Listen below!

They say when you meet someone, you just “know”, and when it comes to Norwegian artist Edwin Klift and Nanna creating music together, we know that it is going to be a killer track. Earlier this year we copped an exclusive premiere for “Drifting Together”, the first collaboration and debut release for between Edwin Klift and Nanna. Today, we are beaming with joy to announce Klift & Nanna have teamed up again to bring you another amazing track. “Northern Lights” is available everywhere now and we cannot get enough of this song in the office.

“Northern Lights” is an electro pop track packed with positivity and pulsing beats. “Northern Lights” is all about working hard and getting what you deserve and there’s nobody we can think of that would ever object to embracing such a wonderful message. We love when artists use their gift to share this wisdom with others and inspiring them to do the same. “Northern Lights” will having you feeling good, goal oriented, and ready to dance your way to your dreams! Naturally, we’ve already added this one to our Gas Mask Favorites Playlist for your listening pleasure!

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