By: Tiare Pito
July 18, 2023

With the release of his newest single, Edgar Everyone has been making waves and capturing our hearts along the way. “Who’s the Dreamer” is every synth pop lover’s dream come true! With skilfully written lyrics and a phenomenal sound, we guarantee that this track will earn a spot on your favourite playlist!

A love story written in the most transcendent way possible, “Who’s The Dreamer” details a dreamy romance. With lines like “I see you smiling and ascend…Who’s the dream? Who’s the Dreamer?”, we have a unique glimpse into the mindscape of Edgar Everyone, and the vibrance with which he views the world. This allows listeners to connect not only with the song, but with Edgar Everyone as an artist.

“Who’s the Dreamer” continues to impress not only with its lyrics, but also the audio elements. Treating us to enigmatic vocals and quirky instrumentals, Edgar Everyone successfully creates a unique, upbeat atmosphere. The synths add another layer and blend seamlessly over the rest of the song to create a very dynamic, captivating listening experience.

All in all, we have thoroughly enjoyed Edgar Everyone’s latest release, and the fresh style he brings. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this artist!

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