EDES x Sanne Lovaas: “Back To A Future”

May 08, 2021 | Writer: Eric Reyes

Don’t let the neo-retro, CRT, VHS look of the visualizer/lyric video fool you; β€˜Back To A Future’ is about much more than aesthetics. Norwegian sensations EDES and Sanne Lovaas join forces to deliver this sultry yet sentimental, retro-wave, pop/R&B, dance hybrid.

Opening deceptively soft, with the mix creeping in slow and steady to match the energy of Saane Lovaas, it maintains this wonderful energy throughout. The deft production here is on clear display, as the beat, the sound itself, never overwhelms, it cushions and uplifts the energizing vocal performance. It matches perfectly with the Visualizer, as this smooth cruise along a vaporwave avenue of rain-moistened tiles, electric poles and palm trees really maintains the central vibe of the track. The temp of the track, especially the electronic bass line really set the mood and act as their own complimentary β€˜voice’ alongside the core performance.

The lyrics speak to a sense of hopefulness, of nervousness, of the cyclical nature of love. We are these orbiting bodies in the grand social spaces we cast ourselves into every day, and by the gravity of mutual attraction, or even chance, we are drawn again and again into these loops, these arcs of hope and action. And they don’t always work out. But space and time are relative to the object experiencing them, the objects travelling through their respective phases of life and death and rebirth. Waking, living, loving, sleeping, dreaming. The future is the past, and the past is the future. It’s all relative. Just gravity, speed, time. Closeness, the groove, relationships.