EDES: “Got My Own”

By: Emma Kopelowicz
July 14, 2020

Break out your platforms and your bell-bottoms because it’s time to disco! The Norwegian DJ and producer EDES has us ready to dance all night long with his irresistibly bright new track, “Got My Own.”

In 2018, EDES emerged on the EDM scene as a prominent remixer who scored a few awards and remixed tracks by artists such as Anjulie and Rat City. EDES’s music has been featured on a number of prominent Spotify playlist, skyrocketing his joyful house music to fame. Now the artist has whipped up a fresh new track of his own just in time for midsummer days.

Bursting with analog synths and a driving bassline that will get your heart pumping, “Got My Own” was designed for to get you moving and grooving. The zesty female vocals give this track that extra pop and perfectly embody the air of independence the song’s lyrics emphasize. “Don’t think you’re right for me/You’re not my cup of tea/I’m in a different breed/I’m on my own,” the singer shakes off a suitor trying to share her space on the dance floor. 

Blending 70’s disco rhythms with 80’s inspired beats, EDES clearly has his finger on the nostalgia tap. “Got My Own” is just the kind of fun and glamorous soundscape we could use about now. Does anyone have a disco ball we can borrow for our quarantine dance party?

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