Eddie: “A Year of Madness”

By: Fay Rose
August 21, 2021

Surprisingly, “A Year of Madness” is not a song dedicated to the Covid pandemic, but honestly, when I first saw the title, I was sure that it was. It does however touch on the topic of mental health without pinning it to any specific circumstance, so that casts a wide net of relatability. This catchy alternative rock tune is the new release from Pennsylvania musician Eddie.

A talented songwriter, as well as singer and bassist, Eddie draws upon his own experiences for song inspiration. The result is a musical performance with a whole lot of passion and oomph. “A Year of Madness” showcases Eddie’s soaring voice with a dynamic exuberance. For vocal similarities, Adam Lambert came to mind.

From the very first note, the toe-tapping rhythm and grooving bass lines create an exhilarating, high-energy atmosphere that you don’t want to leave. Equally impressive to his vocal range, Eddie’s guitar playing is another highlight of the song’s exciting array of melody. The well-written lyrics add yet another interesting layer.

“A Year of Madness” is a track from Eddie’s debut album, Lowly Throne. Eddie has upcoming live shows scheduled for late August through October in his hometown, so locals can check that out as well.

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