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Ed Roman: “Tomorrow Is Today”

By: Yasmine Sahid
October 24, 2020

Clear the tables, grab the beer cooler, and warn your neighbors because “Tomorrow is Today” is the song that will kick off any backyard party. Ed Roman sure knows how to get a room rocking with his Country Rock single.

Starting with hard hitting drums and claps later joined by amped acoustic guitars, the song immediately lets you know what’s heading your way. Almost like the notorious “boom boom clap” that we all know from Queen’s “We Will Rock You”, Roman follows the same footsteps that hype you up and gets you ready for the wild ride. When the chorus hits Roman decides to take the rhythm a little easier as a slow jam. A smart transition as it adds color rather than having the whole song stay at the same energy. Roman also puts to use a synth keyboard that jams out and brings the energy right back up after every chorus. With lyrics that talk directly to a lot of us working class citizens, Ed Roman created a song that we can put on and kick back to.

I can see this song being used in many ways. It could be the montage in a bad ass film, an anthem for your sports team after a winning game, or just something you put on to enjoy a few beers. Whichever way you decide, it is certainly a good one for Country Rock lovers everywhere.

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