East 17: “Crying”

By: Fay Rose
August 07, 2021

What’s the most universal response when you’re missing someone after a hurtful breakup? If you guessed crying, then you’ve got the gist of what East 17’s new song is all about.

“Crying” takes you through the pain of heartbreak with it’s straightforward lyrics and dynamic melody. The bridge breaks out into a rap moment reminiscent of Macklemore, really enhancing the song.

The English pop boy band was first formed in 1991, gaining huge success as one of UKs most popular groups. When they kept encountering a string of bandmember drama and departures, East 17 found a way to continuously reinvent themselves. The band’s latest reincarnation only has one original member, Terry Coldwell, joined by new bandmates, Robbie Craig and Joe Livermore. The current team rebounds with strong vocals and a memorable sound on this new pop ballad.

“Crying” is the latest single off East 17’s album, 24/7, available now.

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