Dzeko ft. Keith Urban: “Both Still Young”

By: Eric Reyes
July 21, 2020

Promises of a future, THE future, are inspiring subject matter for any genre. EDM artist DZEKO and Pop Country superstar Keith Urban collaborate to create a stellar, entrancing track in “Both Still Young.”

Keith Urban wields the most emotional power with his vocals and lyricism. Straying from the predictability of typical pop-genre subject matter, the lyrics are vivid and poetic, creating a clear vision of this future, tired and gray but no less alive. The mix creates a wonderful energy that uplifts the vocal work. The build never overwhelms, becoming a performer all its own when Urban pauses, filling in the spaces without being obnoxious. It’s a delicate balance, a wonderful ballet of vocal performance and digital musicality. 

Fortunately, this track also has an equally inspired music video to accompany it. Using a mosaic of commercial and personal video clips, as well as snippets of live performances, we get a sense of being in the midst of the passage of time, either in the future promised or as the future is being created. Nostalgia for something that hasn’t even happened yet. Now that is talent. 

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