DYSPLAY: “Hey Charli”

By: James Brookes
August 5, 2018

Indie electro duo DYSPLAY is bringing the vibes and pondering thoughts with their latest single. Check it out below. 

Titled, “Hey Charlie” we find ourselves in a soundscape of laid back thoughts and easy listening notes. The LA-based duo uses ‘Charlie’ as, almost, a split personality to describe those who only listen in on half of what is being saidβ€”ignoring the restβ€”or that can also be misleading, as well. A concept that is extremely relatable today in relationships (and really in the media across the board). The broader concept is showcased through abstract lyrical content for the listener, while maintaining melodic hooks that are pleasant to the ear. The hook is our favorite! Listen to the jam below or add this one to your spotify playlist.

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