DRMAGDN: “Not Alone”

By: Eric Reyes
March 31, 2021

Well, I feel better about things.

Various things. If this were a just world, that would be all you’d need to know to give DRMAGDN a try, and be likewise charmed by β€œNot Alone”. But this is not a just world, as the song acknowledges, and so I must endeavor to convince you.

Well what is there really to say. The song starts off on the right foot from the very get go. The consistent, coherent through-line of theme and tone really bring it all together. The vocals are bright and strong, delivering a message of perseverance and triumph that might be a bit sweet to taste but no less enjoyable.

It is very calming, though it doesn’t have a restrained energy to it. It’s the determined steps out into the world we all took at one point, but in audible song. Sure of heart and clear of mind. I loved it, and it made me smile. And it ends with people going β€˜lalala’ and I sang along grinning like a fool. So… again… what else is there really to say. Listen and feel better. About things. Various things.

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