Drew Schueler:Β  “To Know I Hurt You”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
February 4, 2022

Drew Schueler will pull at your heartstrings with his latest single “To Know I Hurt You.”  

The apology-driven track is an honest expression of remorse and regret.  Schueler’s heart and soul is poured through the song’s vocals and introspective lyrics.  The mellow music lets listeners focus on the words and vocals, taking them on a heartfelt, emotional journey.  The sincerity behind the lyrics is heard in his voice.  Schueler expresses regret and takes accountability for mistakes made.  The singer-songwriter explained what he hopes listeners will take from the song in an Instagram post:

If you have ever felt grief, pain, and regret β€’ this one is for you. If you’ve caused grief, pain, and regret β€’ this is also for you. As flawed humans, I think we’ve all been on both sides of this story. The one in pain, and the one who caused it. But even in pain, there will arise beauty. I hope you find beauty in this.

Scheuler had every part in the creation of the song.  He is not only the voice, but also the producer, composer and lyricist.  “To Know I Hurt You” is the first song of many he plans to release this year.  After hearing this track, fans are sure to be anxious for more.

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