Drew Schueler: “Applause”

By: Eric Reyes
April 28, 2021

Drew Schueler has a captivating voice and sound in his latest release, β€œApplause.”

The song’s lyrics are very contemplative, laying out the experience of someone at once compelled to gain adulation and approval, and painfully aware of that compulsion. Self-awareness, especially in the search for fame and fortune, is something that isn’t really delved into. Often pop goes over the struggles, the challenges of attaining fame, but rarely does a song or artist take the time to look at their own part in this vicious cycle.

His voice is so wonderfully bright, and in this track, he keeps a softer tone, though by no means is it weak or underperforming. It lends an air of vulnerability that compliments the lyrical content. The backing here is a solid representation of his self-made style, something with a chill retro-wave influence that also is able to keep pace with the latest house or club hit. Bringing in some tropical influence at the outset that rolls out into the easy electronic sea backing him, Drew Schueler’s deft production ability and excellent voice really impress.

Speaking as the voice inside his own head, conflicted by the clear obsessive lengths he goes to for the sake of his art and his career, the track balances introspective lyrics with the excellent vocal stylings and crisp mix.

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