Double Wish: “Fever Dream”

By: Eric Reyes
June 8, 2021

The kind of music you’d play while lying on a private beach you have no business being on, late at night, cigarette in one hand, someone else’s hand in the other, staring up at the stars, or the airliners if the city lights have crowded them out.

Double Wish looks to capture a mood, a vibe, something lost in the past but just at the edge of memory, with their latest release, β€˜Fever Dream.’

The tempo of the instrumentals and backing mix really just cruise along with the vocals. You’re caught up in it like the very edge of a wave that spent itself about 50-yards back but still rolls in and washes over you. Very easygoing, but not boring. For someone not used to this kind of sound, they’ll be surprised at how easily you can move to it, groove to it, vibe to it. There’s a lot of hidden electricity in the vocals alone that will send a jolt up your spine. It’s tough to describe beyond that. So easy to listen to but still with an inescapable energy that picks you up rather than lays you out.

Shoegazer, bedroom-pop with the pep of post-pop alt-rock, a whole lot of hyphens and sub-sub-genres that are related by thin strands of hair leading to Depeche Mode, Culture Club, The Beatles, MNEK, Vampire Weekend with even less pastel. Little snippets here and there of various sounds that compliment and contradict each other, the dial turned down to β€˜cruise’ so you have time to appreciate the mix, a musical spaghetti that might also be yakisoba because noodles and meat, man, rock is rock, all that changes is the energy, but never the spirit.

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