Don Mastro: “Down by the River & the Dockside”

By: Fay Rose
August 07, 2021

Michigan-born Don Mastro takes us back in time to a sound reminiscent of classic rock icons on his new song, “Down by the River & the Dockside.”

With an image of glam pop, you think you have Don Mastro all figured out as an artist. Then, once this musical enigma starts to sing, the gritty, gravelly retro rock vibrato in his voice leaves you amazed.

“Down by the River & the Dockside” has an unusually long list of complex lyrics that could fit right into a Bruce Springsteen song. In fact, I hear a lot of Springsteen-esque influence, especially on the opening notes laced with guitar strings and harmonica vibrations. Then when the vocals kick in, there’s a real throwback to The Doors going on.  All by themselves, the words read out like a chapter from a novel. When mixed with music, they dance around in a swirl of classic rock, funk and a hint of country. Timing in at well over 4 minutes long, “Down by the River & the Dockside” is definitely a throwback to some good time rock & roll fun.

Don Mastro’s new 4-song EP, Uncanny Valley, is out now

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