DJ Saved M.L.:Β  “Champagne”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
January 20, 2022

DJ Saved M.L.’s “Champagne” is not about popping bottles in celebration but rather drinking sorrows away. 

The lyrics describe a relationship that is on a downturn.  Even though they’re constantly fighting, there’s a connection that one can’t live without.  A damaged lover turns to alcohol to try to forget her pain, but the memories keep coming to mind.  Jaime Deraz lends her voice to the track, demonstratively bringing the emotion behind the lyrics to life.  

Despite the sad lyrics, the song is upbeat.  It starts out slow but picks up when the vocals are introduced.  The energetic dance track has that infectious sound that gets clubgoers moving.

With less than two months since its release, “Champagne” is already making waves.  It’s spinning on radio stations around the world and, as seen on DJ Saved M.L.’s Instagram stories, fans are posting / sharing their covers of the song.  

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