DJ BLEVY: “Don’t Let Me Go”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
December 17, 2022

You’ll want to grab a hold of DJ BLEVY’s new single. “Don’t Let Me Go” is an EDM love song.

The lyrics describe a deep affection for a significant other. The intense feelings make the person want to hold on tight to the relationship. While the song is declaring an adoration for a partner, it also has an apprehension or worry that maybe their connection won’t last. The sense of confidence in the line “But with you I feel I found a love so strong” is followed shortly after by the fear of uncertainty with the line “Don’t ever let me go.” The music gives off the same effect with some brightness but mostly dark overtones. Both the lyrics and vocals express an honest passion and yearning for the loved one. The haunting vocals repeat and echo “Don’t let me go, hold me in your arms.”

“Don’t Let Me Go’” is one of five singles the New Jersey based producer released this year.

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