Dibiblack: โ€œTrop Tard”

By: Tiare Pito
December 12, 2021

The pain of parting ways with a loved one is something familiar to most. Taking this experience, Dibiblack has breathed to life a moving new single. With emotional lyrics and a killer sound, it is safe to say that โ€˜Trop Tardโ€™ has us hooked!

In โ€˜Trop Tardโ€™, we are spun the story of a man who misses his ex-lover. Even though he knows it is too late, he cannot help but plead for her to return to him. The emotional tale really tugs at the heartstrings, and is so easily relatable that it is hard to stop listening. 

Performed in the language of love, this French anthem is delivered to us on gritty, sensual vocals. The backing instrumentals have an upbeat tone that contrasts nicely with the painful story behind โ€˜Trop Tardโ€™, and elevate it to the next level. All audio aspects are layered together skillfully to create an impactful and raw listening experience. 

โ€˜Trop Tardโ€™ has impressed us all, and whether you speak French or not, we are sure that you will love it. We cannot wait to see what will be next from Dibiblack!

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