Devon Dalgarno: “Roots”

By: Tiare Pito
October 30, 2021

Devon Dalgarno’s new song ‘Roots’ has captured us all! With smooth vocals and a vibe reminiscent of 2000s R&B, we couldn’t be more in love!

‘Roots’ speaks to the the struggle of the superficial side of relationships, when a partner focusses on surface qualities. With cleverly written lyrics and subtle metaphors, we are painted a vivid picture of the challenge of reconciling the ‘you’ normally shown to your partner, with your true self. Yet, in spite of this challenge, there is an oddly reassuring note as, rather than leaving, an effort is made to fix things and better themselves as a partnership. 

The song is easy on the ears, and has a moody, sensual music video to boot. The low light shots and lingering visuals of Dalgarno provide the perfect energy to enhance ‘Roots’, without detracting from it!

‘Roots’ is definitely a song you need to add to your playlist, and we guarantee that you will have it regularly stuck on repeat! We cannot wait to see what’s next from Devon Dalgarno!

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