Devin Kennedy x Cassette Tapes: “Agree To Disagree” 

By: Michelle Vaccaro
October 22, 2021

Devin Kennedy & Cassette Tapes’ “Agree To Disagree” may be about differing opinions, but it’s hard not to agree that it’s a good song. 

The track is about a point in a relationship where the two people no longer see eye to eye.  The detrimental standstill may be the end of their romance if they can’t figure out how to get along with diverging points of view. 

“Agree to Disagree” is a catchy pop tune with cool staccato moments that lead into a heartfelt pre-chorus.  The vocals add to the painful and honest sentiment.  Cassette Tapes’ upbeat, musical stamp can be heard on the chorus. 

This song isn’t the first time Kennedy and Cassette Tapes have collaborated.  Kennedy said on Twitter that they “met about a year and a half ago in LA. we’ve written a few songs together since then but we really loved “Agree to Disagree” from day 1.”  “Agree to Disagree” is available on a variety of services.

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