Devin Kennedy: “No Worries”

By: Honey Mills
November 06, 2019

Worried about date night? Don’t be! Devin Kennedy has you covered. Check out what we thought of his newest track here:

Singer/Songwriter Devin Kennedy has been killing the music industry from playing gigantic shows, to hundreds of thousands of streams on the internet, and this young artist is not stopping. His newest track, “No Worries” is one that you needed to put on your playlists, like, yesterday. We love the simplicity of this tune; how it inspires us to just sit back and listen. This Summery love song is filled with sparkly sounds, a driving beat, and an infectious pop vocal quality that we just can’t get enough of. “No Worries” is packed with so many chill vibes that any worries will be the last thing on your mind and we are here for it. Let us know if you’re chilling out with “No Worries” on social media @gasmaskmagazine

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