Detroit YB: “No Rules”

May 14, 2021 | Writer: Eric Reyes

Ooh, opening with some ominous, Spanish-style guitar work. I love when an artist departs from the norm of his scene. I’m in.

Detroit YB drops impressive bars in his latest release, β€˜No Rules.’ His voice is very real, very present. Often I find people will over-produce themselves, stripping the blood and sweat from their performance, just a rubber stamp of struggle and strife for street cred and a record deal.

This is all Detroit YB, and it is heavy.

His lyricism is impressive. These are his words, this is his story, and he’s here to tell it. It isn’t something that can be cut up with grunts, yips, shouts, or pointless shout-outs to help try and give credence to his voice. He doesn’t need other people’s clout. He doesn’t need other people’s words. This is him, all him.

The beat is dirty and oh so hard. It has an ominous feeling to it but it isn’t in the oppressive sense, as though it is an aggressor. It is more like a shadowy partner to the main event. It gets into your head and drives it all forward. It lays down the tracks the verse rides on. Smooth, even, winding.