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Depollock: “More Than Friends”

By: Princess Carroll
January 28, 2020

Mellow and attractive to the ear, Depollock invites us to the next level in his new single!

โ€œMore Than Friends” is an easy going track that makes us fall in love instantly. The song is simple and straightforward, making it a relatable and timeless piece. From its outset, the singerโ€™s intention is clear- he wants to be more than friends with his interest. The emotion is felt in Depollockโ€™s performance as we hear him make his heartfelt plea. The vulnerability only adds to the singerโ€™s enchanting vocals, making us want to hear more! With its dreamy sound and Depollockโ€™s passionate lyrics, โ€œMore Than Friends” should be the next addition to your playlist.

โ€œMore Than Friends” appears to be Depollockโ€™s debut release. With a sound like this, we canโ€™t wait to hear more from the Moon Rider Records artist!

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