Denny: “Wrong”

By: Emma Kopelowicz
June 16, 2020

The self-described “luxurious” alt-pop trio Denny have released a moody new track called “Wrong.”

A pulsing 808 drumbeat and operatic guitar strums provide a semi-minimalist backdrop for front man Alexander Rollins’s gripping vocals. “Not sorry for you/Not sorry for me/Not sorry I bruised up a dream,” Rollins growls in the angsty intro. This unapologetic attitude carries throughout the song, but there a few moments when Denny shows their vulnerable side. “We were a theater/Name up in lights/I never saw how brightly you shined,” Rollins admits to his blind spots in this relationship with a beautiful metaphor.

In the chorus, Rollins creates a show-stopping vibrato moment when he holds down a note on the word “love.” We can feel the weight of his conflicted emotions building pressure on this word, and we’re moved to say the least. Behind the stormy atmosphere swirling in this track’s tone is a broken heart that is slowly fading into melancholy. What Denny demonstrates clearly through “Wrong” is that anger is the easy response to grief, but it’s impossible to avoid the sadness and acceptance that come along eventually. If being in denial of your feelings is a common theme in your life, try giving this track a listen. You might find something you were looking for.

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