Deniz Koyu x Raiden:  “Am I”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
November 19, 2021

Deniz Koyu and Raiden are questioning if it’s okay to be picky with their new release “Am I.” 

The track is about a person who is ready to put their wild nights aside and settle down.  It expresses the desire to find love instead of flings.  The reflective lyrics and honest vocals bring emotion to dance/pop track.  The open starts off slow, reminiscing about past experiences.  The track picks up with the realization that change is needed in order to find something more meaningful.

 “Am I” is the first collaboration between Turkish-German DJ Koyu and South Korean DJ/Producer Raiden.  The two were inspired by French house music when creating the track.  “Am I” is a follow-up to Koyu’s 2020 releases “Next to You” and “Without You.”  The song brings Raiden back to dance music after his recent work with K-Pop acts.

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