December Rose:  “Mamma”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
September 08, 2021

Most songs with “Mamma (or any other form of Mom, Momma, etc.)” are a favorable ode to a mother.  December Rose’s “Mamma” is a bit different. 

It’s a personal reflection of the struggle she went through because of her mother’s mental illness.  The honest, powerful song brings to light what many people experience and is finally being talked about out in the open.  Rose’s passionate, soulful sound and impressive vocal range can be heard throughout.  The emotional connection she has to the lyrics is apparent.  The vocals and lyrics along with the accompanying beat are impactful. 

The Canadian singer/songwriter explained the meaning behind the song on her YouTube page saying:

Mamma is a song about my mom’s struggle with depression and mental health. Her unwellness and pain made her unrecognizable as a person. She was a smart, loving, compassionate, sensitive, fun mom for a time, despite struggling with her own childhood traumas. Once her depression hit, I lost her, and that made me angry. I felt like despite all our family efforts to get her on track, we failed. Intellectually, I know that’s not true. Emotionally, it was a burden I carried for a long time.

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