Dax: “Whoopty”

By: Eric Reyes
April 24, 2021

Dax punches you in the face.

Like I don’t know how else to describe this thrillingly aggressive sound the Canadian-born, self-made rapper has established. There’s a muscularity to his verse and vocal performance, always tensed, always ready to strike. Actually, never NOT striking. The backing mix is the rolling sand-dune of sound, unbroken and unending, that he zooms across, unphased, unbothered.

While his genre isn’t my forte, there’s no denying raw talent and ability. And he assaults you, straight up, with his energy. The track is about him, in word and deed. Watch the video and you’ll feel crowded by his physicality, like I did. I had to lean back away from the computer because it felt like he was getting all up on me. Which he is, it’s all intentional. He’s a personality, a great, big one. And it’s great. Like I had so much fun watching his relatively simple music video.

His verse is harsh but has the infectious brilliance any real banger will have innately. Where often you’ll find people working their verse completely around a rhyming convention, paying no attention to the actual lyrical content, here, it’s an academic and athletic exercise. Practiced, steady, striking every pose and flex like Arnold Schwarzenegger at Mr. Olympia.

How have I not heard of this guy till now? How have YOU not heard of this guy till now?

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