Dante Palminteri: “Brunettes”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
July 23, 2021

Usually blonds get the attention, but with Dante Palminteri’s latest, it’s the “Brunettes.” 

“Brunettes” is a catchy song about letting go and letting life happen.  It’s also about the type of a girl that Palminteri usually finds attractive.  The guitar driven rock track has summer vibes and a hook that will have you rockin’ out and singing along.  Dark-haired girls are sure to embrace it and make it their anthem. 

The 25-year-old singer-songwriter told American Songwriter that he wrote the song last year in the middle of the pandemic.  It was a release from what was going on in the world and a reminder of what life used to be.  Palminteri is not only a talented musician but an actor as well.  He appeared in Orange is the New Black and Sharknado 2.  He is the son of A Bronx Tale creator and actor Chazz Palminteri.

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