Dante ft. Sam James: “Giving up on Love”

By: Princess Carroll
January 26, 2021

It’s the breakup track that’s far from one! We can’t stop listening to Dante and Sam James’ “Giving Up On Love”. 

The new track is upbeat and fun, despite its theme. The lyrics are straightforward, detailing the hurt of losing and giving up on love. Sam James takes us on an emotional journey with his performance, tempting us to give up on love along with him. Dante’s beat softens the blow, keeping the track far from being a bummer. It’s a piece we can enjoy, even in the midst of heartbreak!

Dante is a world-renowned DJ! His mixtapes have garnered over 43,000 streams on Soundcloud. Known for “I Let U” featuring J. Solaye, it comes to no surprise the producer would collaborate with Sam James. James is a Massachusetts based singer, known for his latest release “Words for Life” and 2015’s “Life Is Good”. 

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