Danil Dee: “Easy”

By: Tiare Pito
December 18, 2022

Finding a song that can move you, truly stir something deep within you, is a special occurrence. Thus, Danil Dee’s release of new single “Easy” is a treat for us all. With just the right blend of passion and professionalism, this song is the explosion of energy you need when feeling down and drained.

Detailing an emotional journey of searching and change, the lyrics entice listeners with their creativity. The simple story told is complimented heavily by smooth, earnest vocals and addictive beats. Dee successfully builds tension with both lyrical and musical composition to create a listening experience that has us hanging onto every note. The synths and accompanying instrumentals are arranged in a way that elevates “Easy”, without overpowering and detracting from other elements of the song.

Danil Dee has created a true work of passion in “Easy”. With such mesmerizing work, we are excited to see what will be next from this talented artist!

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