Daniella Mason: “Public Places”

By: James Brookes
October 19, 2018

The new release from Daniella Mason will bring you to tears in ALLLLL the right ways. Check it out below!

If there’s one thing we know and love from our Gas Mask Artists, it’s a tried and true, pop/dance anthem. The latest from Daniella Mason is just that. “Public Places” features a novel concept while intoxicating the listener with melodic pop grooves and lyrical bliss. The dancey chorus will have you immediately hooked! The Nashville resident is no newcomer, having penned songs for many artists (like Nick Jonas). We can only hope that she sends more music our way IMMEDIATELY! These tunes are too great!

Catch Daniella on our Gas Mask Favorites Playlist, and don’t forget to pick your copy of her single on iTunes.

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