Daniel Pearson: “Little Lies”

By: Sydney Cooper
June 14, 2018

Is Daniel Pearson on fire this week or what!? 

We are so obsessed with Daniel Pearson that we’re reviewing two of his tracks this week! However, Pearson is no stranger to critical acclaim. Pearson already is rapidly approaching two million streams on Spotify and gaining massive traction over the web.

Pearson’s track, “Little Lies” is a soulful singer/songwriter ballad chalk full of texture and emotion. It pulls from multiple genres like classic rock, blue eyed soul, and a little bit of folk-nature to give it a unique blend that truly stands out. This song feels like a throwback in many ways but still modern in others. With lyrics that tug at your heart and a sound that you will dream about, “Little Lies” showcases nothing but true, great songwriting. Purchase “Little Lies” on iTunes today.

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