Daniel Daniel: “Money, Money, Money”

By: Travis Ram
June 5, 2018

We cannot get enough of Daniel, Daniel. Listen to his latest below!

Over here at Gas Mask, we love music of all kinds, but a genre that we hold near and dear to our audiophile hearts is americana/folk roots. Which naturally means we are huge fans of Nashville native artist, Daniel Daniel; a true roots artist who has released nothing but pure roots music that you can’t help but fall in love with.

β€œMoney Money Money” bleeds beauty out of its moody, folky skin. Its sound is raw, soul shaking and thoroughly satisfying. It is easy to get lost in the hypnotizing vocal quality while your body moves to the fluid grooves. The lyrics are thought provoking, yet simple as they melodically chug you along this train ride of a piece. β€œMoney Money Money” is a single off of Daniel Daniel’s debut album, The Lonesome Hollow. On top of checking out this excellent album, we’ll be adding β€œMoney Money Money” to our Gas Mask FAVORITES playlist this wee this week for your listening pleasure.

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