Dani Doucette: “Craved”

April 28, 2021 | Writer: Eric Reyes

With plenty of character and impressive vocal versatility, Dani Doucette’s latest release, β€˜Craved’ definitely left us wanting more.

A song about infatuation and the irresistible draw of this kind of attraction, the track keeps up a great energy throughout. The lyrics lean heavily on this aspect throughout, but it doesn’t rest merely on this interesting premise. The real performer here is Dani Doucette herself. Unafraid to strut her stuff and really vibe with the track, she manages to be a great, consistent driving force throughout the piece.

The track has a bit of a retro feel to it, carrying a musical spirit that would be at home in the mid to late 00’s pop scene. A wonderfully spry backing mix that works alongside Dani Doucette’s strong vocals, the whole track just works.

You’ll find there’s plenty to β€˜Crave’ about this pop track, so be sure and listen today.