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Dancing On Tables: “Wonderland”

By: Blair Cache
April 23, 2019

Dancing On Tables has got your summer 2019 anthem! Listen to it below, Gas Maskers.

There’s nothing like a solid summer anthem, and we’ve got an amazing one for you! Scottish indie rock band Dancing On Tables has just released their newest track, “Wonderland,” and it’s everything you would want and more! “Wonderland” is giving us The Temper Trap vibes with this one, and we are nothing short of OBSESSED with the soundscape that Dancing On Tables has magically constructed. Not only will this song be stuck in your head, it will absolutely live there. With thick electric guitar riffs, pulsating drums and radio ready vocal stylings, you will be hooked the second you press play. “Wonderland” makes us dream of long days at the beach, warm nights with friends, and all of the sweet nothings of the season, and we yearn for hot days and more music from Dancing On Tables!

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