Dance Yourself Clean: “Pull Me Down”

By: Eric Reyes
June 17, 2021

โ€˜Pull Me Downโ€™ by Dance Yourself Clean is sure to be a favorite of the festival circuit this summer.

Resplendent with the bright and sunny beats and a well textured mix that evokes a summerโ€™s morning beside the sea, the track is full of a vibrancy that I think we all could use right now.

The vocals on display are warm and have an alluring brightness to it, helping bring life to these festival-ready lyrics. Talk of good times, togetherness, and the connection of surprise romance, and all that entails. Her voice has a very subtle modulation to it, more a layered effect throughout that has a kind of โ€˜trillingโ€™ effect, allowing the high and low end of the singerโ€™s register to show. Itโ€™s very slick producing, the effect was very well done.

The beat is infectious, and keeps with the fist-pumping, hair tossing, body-moving kind of energy that hits you full on at the very beginning. Add this to your road trip or pregaming playlist and let the music move you.

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