Dance Yourself Clean: “Heavy”

By: Fay Rose
September 20, 2021

The dance party turned music project, Dance Yourself Clean has a new electro-dance song, “Heavy,” filled with heavy emotions and an intensely energetic beat.

I love a good backstory behind a song or artist, so I found the origin of Dance Yourself Clean an interesting one. It started as a small indie-pop dance party at a tiny Seattle bar in 2013, that has grown into a massive movement spanning the US from coast to coast. DYC is the first touring dance party in North America with a party happening nearly every week since! DYC’s name was inspired from the LCD Soundsystem song.

After moving to Los Angeles, DYC created their record label called Lights & Music Collective. They began producing for other artists while releasing their own original music and remixes like this one. “Heavy” is an excellent danceable track with exciting instrumentation and melodic vocals. The lyrics are relatable as they deal with the emotions one holds that can weigh you down and start to feel like a heavy burden to carry. The upbeat rhythm manages to keep things moving optimistically throughout.

If you’re curious on attending a Dance Yourself Clean party, they occur frequently in Seattle, Oregon and Los Angeles. The 8-year anniversary will be celebrated on September 25th at The Teragram Ballroom in Los Angeles. There’s also a big Los Angeles Halloween Dance Party scheduled for October 30th.

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