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Dan Bond: “Hook, Line & Sinker”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
Octoberr 23, 2022

Dan Bond’s “Hook, Line & Sinker” is an attention grabber.

The country track is a sweet serenade about falling in love with someone. The feel-good lyrics will have listeners wishing the song was about them. It’s hard not to sing along to the catchy chorus. Bond’s bright vocals in collaboration with the upbeat guitar sound add a layer of joy to the track. Just short of three minutes in, the song sounds like it’s coming to an end, but it quickly kicks back in with a cheerful guitar and the reaffirming words of love in the chorus.

Bond describes himself as a “singer/songwriter bringing a modern country twist to the classic songwriting style of the 1960’s.” That style is echoed in “Hook Line & Sinker.” The UK singer released a video for the single and described the experience in an Instagram post saying, “It was a lot of fun making this one, which mainly consisted of going to the beach and enjoying the sunshine! It was a bit like a working holiday.” Check out the video for “Hook, Line & Sinker” below:

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