Damon Langley: “Love Letter”

By: Blaire Cache
October 16, 2018

We’re hoping to get a love letter from Damon Langley. Are you?

Australian based Crooner Damon Langley is slaying the international music game right now. This folk rock star is climbing the charts with his new track, “Love Letter”, and we, well, love it! Langley’s signature voice and unique blend of folk, rock, and roots music puts such a cool earworm in our brains and we can’t seem to get it out. We love the musicality of this piece but we are truly intrigued by the raw almost soft alt-metal quality to Langley’s voice. It really allows the listener to have an intimate perspective and truly feel what Langley is singing. You’ll be able to catch “Love Letter” and more on Langley’s soundcloud linked below!

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