damnboy!: “Where Did Summer Go?”

By: Princess Carroll
October 17, 2020

As timely as it is enjoyable, damnboy! is back with his new release “Where Did Summer Go?”

As we head deeper into the fall holiday season, this new single resonates more than ever. With a summer stifled by world events, summer 2020 was a far cry from our usual. Damnboy!’s lyrics personify the season, making this track an easy metaphor for any loss we face. Whether it’s a relationship or finances, damnboy! details trying to find new ways to cope while managing to draw us in with his irresistible vocals. 

Damnboy!’s impressive vocal performance brings the track to life. His great, controlled tone is a dream to listen to, especially during the bridge. With a velvety, smooth voice and melodious hook, his performance reminds us of Justin Bieber or Shawn Mendes.

Damnboy! is a singer-songwriter and producer from Honolulu, Hawaii! His Hawaiian influence is especially evident in the track’s guitar performance and its laid back sound. Prior to releasing music, damnboy! got his start in 2015 as a freelance writer for artists around the world. Known for 2018’s “How High?” and 2019’s “Baby!”, the artist quickly gained popularity in his home state and is now finding a global audience. 

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